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A Membership with IG Freie Theaterarbeit serves to strengthen the independent performing arts scene and grants access to IG services, reduced-price tickets to more than 80 Austrian venues and festivals and the quarterly magazine gift – zeitschrift für freie theaterarbeit, tanz und performance.

Currently, IG Freie Theaterarbeit has about 1,900 members from all disciplines of the performing arts (dance, theatre, plays, children’s and youth theatre, performance, puppet theatre, pantomime, street theatre, musical theatre, cabaret, improvisational theatre, circus arts etc.).

In order to register as a member, the filled out and signed membership application must be sent to the office of IG Freie Theaterarbeit at office[at]

Download: Declaration of membership [en]

Members can be performing arts professionals as well as persons interested in independent performing arts work. The membership is exclusively for individuals (no legal entities/associations).

The membership fee is always valid from 1 January to 31 December of the respective year. The membership is automatically renewed at the beginning of the year until revoked. The membership fee is intended as a solidarity contribution and thus as support for the independent scene.

Please note: The membership fee of 35€ expires at the end of 2022. From January 2023 a staggered plan will apply:

  • Normal fee: 50€
  • Reduced fee: 35€
  • Promotional contribution: 150€

Of course, we want to avoid that the new normal contribution level leads to a financial burden. Therefore, we leave it up to our members to pay at their own discretion, i.e. we do not require any proof of financial standing or justification as to why the reduced contribution is being paid.

How to:
Pay your membership fee – membership card will be sent automatically by post. 
IBAN: AT32 1490 0220 1000 2897
Subject: First and last name, membership fee year xxxx

After receipt of the membership fee, the membership card for the respective year will be issued. With this card various services and the following discounts can be claimed.

Facebook Group: IGFT Member Community
Signal Group: IGFT Community

Double membership in the IGFT and IGKÖ:
Individuals and associations active in the field of contemporary circus can also obtain membership of the other interest group and use its services accordingly. The membership fee only has to be paid at one IG. Members of the IGFT can be registered with IG Kultur Österreich as extraordinary members and receive almost the same rights as ordinary members, except for the right to vote in the general assembly. For associations and organisations that are members of the IGKÖ: An individual of the association (name must be given) can make use of the membership and service offer of the IGFT. Should you feel addressed by this, please contact us at office[at]

Double membership of IGFT and IG TTPKK:
Members with residence or connection to Carinthia can also become members of IG Theater Tanz Performance Kärnten Koroška and use their services. The membership fee only has to be paid at the IGFT. Please note your interest in the corresponding box on our membership form or contact office[at]

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