Workshop: Calling all creative professionals, performers, technicians and promoters!

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Want to perform in the UK but are unsure about the new restrictions? The good news is: It is doable and probably easier than you think!

Join us for this free online-workshop on March 9, succinctly explaining the new Brexit requirements and what you need to know to continue touring the UK coming from Austria.

Together with MICA and Austrian Music Export, we are happy to present you this webinar, covering all the essential information ranging from work permits, visas, Carnets, payments and taxes. We will also be taking a closer look at the UK post-Brexit booking landscape by speaking to a London based promoter. 

This event will be led by Ian Smith, CEO of two key international music agencies based in the UK and Austria for over 20 years and founder of ‘’ – a free fact-checked information initiative to keep creatives working with minimal disruption after Brexit. He will be joined by the promoter Kim Macari – improvising musician, writer and programmer of the famous Vortex Jazz Club.

To join the event, please register for free tickets here:

We would be pleased to welcome you at the event!

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