Villach: Call for Residency with TryOuts/Showings in public space

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(stage design/costume design/object theatre/musician/performer)

For two years now, the performance series „(x of n) = ?“ has been trying to make low-threshold performing art in public spaces, accessible to a broad audience. And at the same time it tried to give artists a space to try things out without production pressure. To this end, five international artists work together in a hierarchy-free and diverse collective. In one week in April, the working period in the summer is conceived on the basis of the question of how we want to work together. This is followed in June by two weeks of preparation and then three weeks with three to four try-outs or showings per week. Supported by a production assistant and a trainee, the artists do all the necessary work themselves as a group – the focus is on the collective working process.

It is important to us that the artists bring different backgrounds with them and are open to an equal exchange. Four artists have already been confirmed, especially from the fields of dance/performance/acting/text/direction/video.

Here we call for another open position to enrich the diverse team with ideas that can be implemented in public spaces. Above all, the person should believe in the potential of collective work and be interested in performative work in public space. Relevant experience is an advantage.

The total fee (fair pay) is € 5.000,- (employment is also possible after consultation) and furthermore we take over a part of the travel costs, accommodation (room), working space and material costs.

Periods (presence predominantly required):

18-24 April (conception week) and

24 June-31 July 2022 (showings from 7 July)

Location: Villach (Carinthia)

Working language: English

Concept, artistic direction/compost heap: Stefan Ebner

Production/composting: Ebner und Flut (composts: Material für die nächste Schicht)

Please send a short letter of motivation with your artistic interests (half page) plus artistic CV and meaningful material (homepage, portfolio, photos, videos) about your work to: by 31 March 2022.

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