Vienna theatre project: Readings in Isolation – Special Guest

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Special guest ROBERT PIMM Tuesday 26th April at 21.45pm

Tuesday – Saturday 9.45pm – 10.45pm CET on Facebook live

At the begining of each night’s adventure… discover Joanna and Saman,  enveloped in the soft glow of candlelight, smells of spiced tea and incense. They tell an enticing tale “Once there was an Arabic princess with hair as black as the night and eyes as shiny as the stars, …” Lean back and listen to the stories of “1001 Arabian Nights”, interpreted by Joanna Godwin-Seidl, Saman Giraud and guests from the vienna theatre project. Let them take you on a journey to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and all the other exotic places filled with romance, love, passion and crime. Let them help you to forget the here and now for a while, dance with belly-dancers, ride camels with the caravans and fight the 40 bandits. Join Joanna’s latest project Reading in Isolation. It starts with “1001 Arabian Nights” and nobody knows where the journey is going to end … and then…

…Performances from the heart….

vienna theatre project’s entertainment unplugged! Enjoy this beautiful time with us, at first  filled with the romance and skullduggery of a bygone era and  then sometimes other stories, plays, poetry and music from another living-room. We will invite special guests now and then for readings, singing, dancing, acting, something an artist would like to share with us all from the comfort of their homes. The reading will be in English, anything else is not language specific but we will always try to provide you with a translation if required.

You have something you’d like to hear read? You are an artist and want to contribute with an “at home” performance or other? It can be pre-recorded or live. Go ahead, tell us what you have, and we will make you a star. At least for one night

THE EVENT on our Facebook page:

We are currently working on adding the reading to Instagram. Please log on to our Instagram account below, to watch us as of Tuesday at the same time given above. 9.45 – 10.15pm

Keeping you safe and entertained while we are self-isolating