Torus Open Doors – Annual Course A mix of Butoh Dance, Meditation, Healing and Self Knowledge

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First Saturday of each month 2021 – exception: January 9
10 am to 12 pm (Vienna time zone)
Connections by Zoom from 09:45

„Torus“ is a form of energy that is believed to be found in everything that is and manifests itself. In this way, Torus Meditation Dance is a practice of connecting the deepest being with its movement manifestations and the highest self… dancing in a tantric path of the Eternal Life at this moment.

The first session of 2021 has the idea of „Open the Doors“. Open the doors of understanding about the body and different layers of living presence. Open the expansion doors of the Being in the environment. The work is a construction and expansion of Torus Body Energy with a focus on unblocking places in the physical and subtle body so that the energy flow is more fluid and expansive.

This online workshop will have an introduction to the first techniques, developing content for previous meetings, thus deepening all practices. In this way, the meetings are open to all levels, as it will be possible to work from the first steps to the deeper layers of dance and meditation. Just feel your connection and come and find these places of energy.

You are welcome!

Suggested price: 18,01 € (symbolic price – about quantic energy – use these numbers and give as much as you feel like)

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