Torus Lines Dance Meditation

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Sunday, November 21, 2021.
from 02 am to 04 pm.
Participation: 35 €

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A mix of Butoh Dance, Meditation, Healing and Self Knowledge.

„Torus“ is a form of energy that is believed to be found in everything that is and manifests itself. In this way, Torus Meditation Dance is a practice of connecting the deepest being with its movement manifestations and the highest self… dancing in a tantric path of the Eternal Life.

The first live session in Vienna, has the idea of „Open the Doors“. Open the doors of understanding about the body and different layers of living presence. Open the expansion doors of the Being in the environment. The work is a construction and expansion of Torus Body Energy with a focus on unblocking places in the physical and subtle body so that the energy flow is more fluid and expansive.

This workshop will have an introduction to the first technical exercises of this meditative dance as well as the development of work for those who already practice. In this way, the meetings are open to all levels, as it will be possible to work from the first steps to the deeper layers of dance and meditation. Just feel your connection and come find these places of energy.

You are welcome!

Will Lopes is a Brazilian Butoh dancer, actor, performer and director.
Bachelor in Theater at the University of Brasilia in 2003, studied theatre, dance, dance-theatre, dramatic body mime, Butoh, circus, Martial Arts, and vertical dance. Physical trainer of performers specialized in the Brazilian technique „Integral Bambu“. Master degree in Communication and Semiotics at the Catholic University of São Paulo in 2016.
Since 2000 he has been conducting meditations on transpersonal mythology works and performances. In his meditation journey he started with Kriya Yoga, Osho meditation processes, Kundalini Yoga, Huesa Meditation School, among others. In the body works it was based on Bioenergetic Analysis, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Sei Tai Ho, Transpersonal Dance therapy and Butoh Ritual Dance.

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