TanzLabor – ROXY Ulm and Artistic Director Pablo Sansalvador are looking to commission five innovative “digital dance makers” (DE)

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Each will represent a different choreographic style and their work will be captured through Motion Capture Technology and shared through an augmented reality installation performance.

Where: TanzLabor, ROXY Ulm Schillerstraße 1/12, 89077 Ulm, Germany

When: Creation and recording June and July 2021

Deadline for applications: 13.06.2021

Please read carefully before applying.

We are looking to commission five innovative “digital dance makers” to create five varied short choreographic works. The movement of each of the “digital dance makers” will be recorded through Motion Capture technology. This content will then be transformed into Augmented Reality, allowing the content of each of the “Digital Dance Makers” to be visible and present within a larger dance installation performance titled “Tanz mit dem Tiger” under the Artistic Direction of Pablo Sansalvador. “Tanz mit dem Tiger” will premier on the 03.09.2021

What do we offer each of the five “Digital Dance Makers”?

We provide travel to Ulm, accommodation, two days studio time to create a short choreography of 5-8 minutes. This will be followed by one day of recording of the choreography with a traditional camera and or Motion Capture Technology. We provide each selected “Digital Dance Maker” a fee of 750 euros, plus personal documentation of the above process through photography and film.

NB we will also consider commissioning international “Distant Digital Dance Makers” that cannot travel to Ulm. “Distant Digital Dance Makers” are international artists that have the capacity to create their own high quality Motion Capture Content with their own equipment. This option is possible and available to experienced international “Digital Dance Makers” who have the tools to create high quality Motion Capture content. An additional fee will be offered for those who can generate their own Motion Capture content.

Who are we looking to engage?

We are looking for dance makers that want to challenge themselves artistically, want to learn and discover how dance can embrace the digital revolution. We are looking for open minded dance makers that enjoy working in a team, are curious and enjoy connecting and being challenged. We encourage dance makers from a wide range of backgrounds to apply. We are looking to engage all forms and styles of dancer makers from Urban, Classical, Contemporary, Folk and Break Dance.

How will the “Digital Dance Makers” be part of the “Tanz mit dem Tiger” performance?

Each dance maker will be given the option to choose from one of three pieces of music to create a choreography. The choreographic concept for each of the five selected “Digital Dance Makers” may reflect on their experiences of lockdown and of how they have discovered new opportunities and worked through the challenges of being a dance maker during a pandemic. It is important that the “Digital Dance Makers” understand that the work they create will be incorporated as one of several equal parts in creating and producing the dance installation experience “Tanz mit dem Tiger”.

How to apply: Online application only: https://forms.gle/U4nYW8yr6grJ9NPw7

Contact details: Tanzlabor@roxy.ulm.de

For further information, please visit https://www.roxy.ulm.de/tanzlabor/tanzlabor.php

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