SzólóDuó 2022 International Dance Festival (23th session) is looking for new short dance productions

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Where: Online & Budapest, Hungary
When: 19-22. January 2022
Deadline for applications: 15 November 2021, midnight (GMT+2)

You can apply with short solo or duo dance performances by filling the registration form available on our website.
Solo performances can not be longer than 6 minutes, duo performances can not be longer than 9 minutes.
For more information about the conditions please visit our website:

Video-nomination is held for applicants who are not able to participate in any pre-nomination rounds.
Video round (online): 4. December 2021
Application deadline to the video round: 15. November 2021

Criteria of the VIDEO:
Should be recorded in a black box, or under theatrical conditions using lights
Please be aware that we are not looking for dance films but recordings of finished, lit theatrical productions!
Shot with one or maximum 2 fixed camera
Full HD 1080p quality, landscape (16:9) format
No filters, no graphic effects, no black and white, should be in color and without captions
Uploaded without a password!

How to apply: You can apply by filling the application form, please follow the guide:!/appform

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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