Screendance Workshop Online

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Introduction to Screendance via Zoom (Stay at home edition)

Where: online

When: Saturday 21.11. and Sunday 22.11.2020

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 17.11.2020

Description: This short introduction to screendance will provide an overview of the history and practice of screendance, or dance filmmaking, taught entirely online through guided exercises, discussions, and viewing. The focus will be on generating choreography for the camera and with the camera – as the camera becomes an extension of the dancing body. The fundamentals of how we create choreography for the camera and film it will be presented through exercises that focus on adapting basic technology (smart phone cameras, web cameras, etc.) to site-specific practices at home or in your garden. Solo filmmaking strategies will be explored and adapted for those staying at home or working alone. The guided exercises given in the workshop will create micro films that can be shared. The workshop facilitators encourage all participants to explore their own creative styles of movement and images by providing the practical and conceptual tools to create compelling moving image compositions.

Key themes: fundamentals of camera work, creating choreography for camera, somatic camera (how the camera becomes an extension of the dancing body), site specific dance (choreography in non-theatrical spaces)

Facilitators: Franck Boulègue and Marisa Hayes are internationally recognized teachers, artists, and scholars of screendance. Their own works of screendance have received awards from the New York Dance on Camera Festival and Pentacle Movement Media and have been featured on television (France 3) and at international film festivals and theatres. Based in France, they are the co-founding directors of the Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne, an annual screendance platform that will celebrate its 12th edition in 2020. In 2019 they co-curated the first Screendance Festival in Freiburg with Adriana Almeida Pees (Theater Freiburg). Their research and writing on screendance has been featured in books (The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies, Art in Motion: Current Research in Screendance), research journals (The International Journal of Screendance, Society of Dance History Scholars), and at international conferences.

Who can participate? Anyone with an interest in movement and images (no previous experience necessary)
Language: The workshop will be taught in English
Maximum number of participants: 15 people
Free for participants.

How to register: Until Tuesday 17th November via email to

For further information, please visit

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