Schule des Theaters, Wien: Street Performance Workshop: Zoom in Action with Guy Biran – An international Workshop Event

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As part of an international group of people from different streets/cities/countries, we are going out to the streets at an agreed time, for a simultaneous guided action, led by Guy Biran via Zoom from Jerusalem.

We are responding to the life outside, as well as to each other, while in the same time we are in different places (possibly around the world).

We are all connected via Zoom on our mobile phones and will be encouraged to relate freely to what is happening in real time. Sometimes Guy Biran will give us tasks to follow, with the general direction to merge with life on the street.

Responses to each other will occur in real time in a simple code language that we will learn in the preceding Zoom sessions.

Impressions can be gathered into stories, yet the work is abstract and does not attempt to pick up or tell private stories. The guidance will emphasize attention to codes of the moment, which are happening in the street.

The Street Sessions are preceded by two Indoor Online Sessions, in which Guy teaches and trains different tools and codes.

Technically, only smartphones with zoom apps and headphones are required. We will re-discover our city, each other and ourselves in a new way. An audience (Screen observers) can participate in the street sessions via screen.

This Performance Workshop promotes:

  • Listening skills.
  • the ability to observe and compose.
  • the sharpening of interpersonal communication.
  • the gaining of a fresh, new view of the world.
  • Above all – the joy of being present, alone as well as together, in the here and now.

Wichtige Informationen im Überblick:

Location: Online via Zoom

2 Workshop sessions will take place online at home, and 2 Workshop sessions online in the streets of your home.

Duration: 2. August – 5. August 2021

Monday, 18:00 – 21:00 Indoor
Tuesday, 18:00 – 21:00 Indoor
Wednesday, 18:00 – 21:00 Outdoor
Thursday, 18:00 -21:00 Outdoor


This Acting Performance Workshop is open to performance artists, students of various arts, actors and actresses, and all curious people who are interested in creative and fun work.

Number of Participants:

The number of participants in the Acting Performance Workshop is limited to 12.

Language: Englisch

Fees & Discounts:

Active participants:

Early Bird EUR 198,- until 27. June

Late Bird EUR 220,-

(incl. statutory VAT). Further reductions for students on request.

Screen Audience/Observers of the Street Sessions:

EUR 30,-/ per session. EUR 50,- for 2 Sessions.

Please bring along:

Smartphones with Zoom Apps and headphones, and PCs for the indoor sessions. Weather appropriate clothing

Veranstalter: Schule des Theaters, Hermanngasse 31/1, 1070 Wien
Info: 0699 10509546,

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