Report: Perform Europe Insights: Sustainability through innovation.

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The paper brings together the main learning points of the first six months of Perform Europe. 

During the research part of Perform Europe, we explored and mapped the context in which performing art works have been presented across borders in the past few years. We identified and analysed the current gaps in the European system of performing arts presentations and touring, taking account of the COVID-19 effects. This helped us to unfold the status quo of the European landscape of the performing arts distribution and to picture a better future for the performing arts ecosystem. 

The Perform Europe process so far highlights the urgency to rethink the current system of touring and distribution support in Europe, in order to make it more balanced, sustainable and inclusive. The report calls attention to the current geographic imbalances in the European system of cross-border touring and presentation of the performing arts. It also maps multiple issues related to artistic, human, economic, social and environmental sustainability of the European cross-border distribution system.

Finally, the report articulates a vision on how a structured and continuous cross-border support scheme can help address the existing gaps and bring a long-lasting impact.

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