Pim Spazio Scenico: Residencies Programme for Contemporary Dance and Performance (IT)

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Pim Spazio Scenico cultural association, based at PimOff Theatre in Milan, launches the 6th edition of the open call Citofonare PimOff, its residency programme in support of national and international chorеographical and performative research.

Where: Milan, Italy

When: from 15 March 2021

Deadline for applications: 30th of April 2021

This programme reflects the vision that the association has grown over the years, by an accurate observation of the creative context where it operates. PimOff acts as collector and booster for emergent artists.

Initially designed as an open call addressed to every sector of the performing arts, during its six editions Citofonare PimOff has defined its focus on dance and performance, sectors that in the Italian context are more sacrificed than others. However, traces of its original form remain, as well as those of the diversified activity of Pim Spazio Scenico association; these traces reflect in a broad concept of dance and performance, a perspective that considers hybridization between knowledges and arts as an indispensable resource for reporting the complexity of our time.

Citofonare PimOff supports dance and performance projects at their creation phase, which have never been presented in front of a public in their final form. PimOff will provide to all selected artists a residency, lasting a maximum of two weeks, from February to June 2022.

The length and all arrangements for the development of the residency will be discussed by the organizational office of PimOff with the company, and will depend on the nature of the proposed project and its stage of progress.

Whatever the stage of development of the project is, at the end of the residency, all companies/artists are asked to present to the public, a preview, an extract or a study of it.

PimOff will provide:
• Rehearsal studio (schedule to be agreed)
• Accommodation for maximum 4 people and use of the kitchen (board excluded)
• Financial support of 1000 €
• A pocket budget of 500 € to be invested in professional counselling and tutoring, in support of the development of the project or the professional growth of the company/artist
• Technical counselling
• Organisation, promotion and communication support
• Production of video and photographic material, in collaboration with the course of “Foto Video e New Media” of Accademia Teatro alla Scala

Travels, transfers, board expenses, visa, performers fees are in charge of the companies/artists.
All artists with motor and sensory disabilities are guaranteed the opportunity to fully benefit from the theatre equipment and services provided be the call. On this regard PimOff staff relies on the professional advice of association Fedora.

How to apply / register: Companies/artists can only apply via the online form: https://form.jotform.com/210622727199358
They can find the entire text of the call at this link: http://www.pimoff.it/en/citofonare-pimoff

Companies can express a preference relating to the scheduling of their residency.
Candidates will provide through the online form the following materials:

 Short biography of the company/artist
● Curriculum of the company or of their single members
● Link to videos of previous projects (last three years of creation)
● Short description and dossier of the project
● Selection of three representative images (set photos, moodboard, aesthetical references
● Link to one or more videos about the project (teaser, trailer, video script, etc.)
● State of advancement of the creative process and following steps, including ideal plan for
debut and touring
● Plan of sustainability and development of the project (other residencies, partnership or
sponsorship, already arranged or envisaged)
● Letters of support and/or interest from theatrical organizations, operators, cultural
subjects (optional)
● Plan of residency at PimOff, indicating specific aims and expectations, and describing in a
clear way which aspects will be examined
● Technical needs for the residency at PimOff (refer to Annex 1 for the technical equipment
of the theatre)
● Proposal of professionals to be involved in the residency for consultancy and tutoring
● Description of proposed educational and/or laboratorial activity, specifying target,
duration and modes of participation

Free for participants.

Contact details: web@pimoff.it

For further information, please visit http://www.pimoff.it/en/

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