Open Call: Hybrid Butoh Vienna Art Festival

Coming from Jinen Butoh by Atsushi Takenouchi, our main guest and special honoree of this festival edition, „Embrace and Transform“ is the main theme of the first Hybrid Butoh Vienna Art Festival, which will take place from December 1st to 11th in Vienna, Austria.
Being with open arms to listen, receive, welcome proposals, be together and transform, transcending manifestations that meet the old standards of being and expressing.

If you are in this flow, maybe you are already part of our team and our programme, with different possibilities to apply:

1. As a dancer: Yes, you don’t need to have a specific performance to be part. You will be able to come to dance in specific performances and meetings that we are producing. To do so, send us a short resume, a letter of intent, photos and/or video (link) of your dance.

2. With a performance: If you have a performance ready, you can also send us your work with all the information about it and register for it. The duration of the performance can be between 20min and 1h. To do so, send us a short resume, title and synopsis of the work, photos and/or video (link) of your dance.

3. Different proposal: If you have a photographic exhibition, sculptures, installations of any kind, workshops, lecture, or a film, you can also register. Send us the basic information of your proposal, with photos and/or video (link) and we will carefully evaluate it 😉

In this sense, we are looking especially for Butoh dancers, performances and productions that embrace other forms of art, scientific and philosophical knowledge manifesting in a hybrid way – hence Hybrid Butoh Festival. If your proposal isn’t on this path, we will also welcome it with open arms in the same way. Dancers, dance, performances, installations, photographic exhibitions, films, experiments and more that could be your project… yes we are interested! The only thing we will have as a basic premise is that you use Butoh as part of your creation and expression process.

This is an independent festival produced without any public or private grant.
In this way, we can offer space for your art in Vienna and part of the tickets sales in equal parts, after production costs.

Please send all the information about your work:
title, short script (concept), photos and video (link) to

The deadline for applications is Friday 20th September 2022 at 24h.
For any questions please write to us.
Looking forward to receiving your proposal.

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