Open Call For Residency and Production (DE)

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Studio Pro Arte is now offering a residence and production format for the years 2021-2022 in cooperation with the city of Freiburg. Professional dance professionals, individual artists and ensembles from the fields of contemporary, modern, urban and classical dance can apply for the residences.

Where: Studio Pro Arte, Freiburg, Merzhausen, Germany, South

When: Dates: All dates available during the season 2020-2021 according to the arrangement with the management

The selected artists will find rehearsal rooms of 60 – 300 m2, co-working space, infrastructure, etc. in Studio Pro Arte.
The format is aimed at young artists as well as established local, national and international ensembles and dance professionals. Part of the residency should be to inspire the local dance and cultural scene with new impulses through showings, performances and workshops.

– Studios from 60 – 300 m2
– Ballett-Barre available in all room
– Co-Working – Space
– Free Wifi
– Kitchen and Lounge/Bar
-Dressing Rooms
– Shower
– Next to public transport
– Room for Performance with Lights/Music/etc.
– Accomodation: please ask for opportunities

Dates: All dates available during the season 2020-2021 according to the arrangement with the management.
Our aim is to share the space and get connected with dancers from all over the world. We expect a sharing in form of workshop, open rehearsal, showing, etc (see below)

How to apply:
Application – we need from you:

– Exact dates for the Residency
– Resume CV of the Company or Director of the project
– Motivational letter
– Project Description (Argument, Basis, Planning)
– Video material (from the process or past productions)
– Duration of the Residence ( Days and Hours per day)
– Number of participants
– Type of Residence that you would like to apply for (please check our website)
– Project budget and other grants
– Proposal / Concept of what you want to share with the community
– Date / time and type for work in progress or showing

info and application to:

No deadline!

– Option A – Full Residence (one week to one month)

Free to apply and take part in the residency.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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