Online training: Mindful Movement & Meditation at Gibney Dance

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A movement class based on the principles of mindfulness and meditation providing opportunities to improvise, meditate and reflect guided by dance artist and yoga instructor Bianca Paige Smith.

Where: Gibney Dance, Online on Zoom

When: Thursdays 3:30 PM EST from now until December 17th

Forget about space and time for a while. Allow yourself to be guided by the voice of Bianca Paige Smith through this unique movement class incorporating elements of contemporary dance, yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Indulge in how you’re feeling, or your breath, or your sensations… make the choice to be here now. Present with whatever it is that you arrive with. This is a space for ritual through movement. Give yourself the gift of this sacred space to come and move, be with yourself and take the pressure off. Mindful Movement and Meditation is much closer than we think.

Mindful Movement and Meditation opens a supportive and welcoming space for creating a ritual of moving with our awareness and exploring our relationship with meditation. The class structure will remain consistent with a movement-based warm up, time for exploration of mindfulness of the body and time for meditation. Each session will provide opportunities to engage with approaches to create or discover the depth of one’s own relationship to meditation via the introduction of improvisation-based exercises alongside various approaches to meditation. Inspiration for improvisation and movement explorations will be drawn from Two Can Do, a postdance duet, which incorporates elements of mindfulness, yoga, meditation and postdance.

The beauty of this offering is the opportunity to simultaneously practice the individual journey of collecting our attention and bringing it to the present moment, through the experience of moving and breathing together. All are welcome, regardless of experience with movement, dance or meditation.

In preparation for this class, please gather something to write with and something to write on (ie. pen & paper, coloring pencils, construction paper, etc). Find a comfortable, quiet space where you will be able to move, perhaps with a yoga mat or something similar if you have one.

Here’s a little glimpse into how B likes to work with people:

How register: Sign up on the Gibney website –

Costs for participants: $8 per class

Contact details: Bianca Paige Smith

For further information, please visit

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