Online Symposium: Music Pours Over The Sense

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Music Pours Over The Sense: Experimenting with relationships between body and sound as a transformative practice“


May 15th and 16th online

With our bodies unable to touch,
our eyes unable to meet and our ears deafened by an overload of content,
we must listen even more carefully, reassure silence even more deeply,
voice even more viscerally
and experiment even more with how we relate to.

“Music Pours Over The Sense” is a two-day online gathering around the transformative, connective and affective potential pouring from dialogues between bodies and sounds.
It brings together researchers, practitioners, artists, activists and organisers from corporeal-acoustic spheres in a conversation around body-sound relationships, their potentialities and the impact the current pandemic and political crisis are having on them. 

Originally planned as a live event on the premises of Forum Stadtpark in Graz but interrupted by the pandemic, “Music Pours Over The Sense” morphs into a series of online conversations and publications open to everyone the Internet may connect.

Despite the current personal, global and cybernetic overload, we decided not to cancel the symposium, but to shape it into an extended digital conversation.

Pondering ways of relating and resonating with an environment and with each other as collective artistic practice seems currently of great importance.

This conversation will take place through four discussion panels triggered by the muting and deafening dangers of self-confinement and through lectures, essays, practices, etcetera published on this Website:

 Live stream on Facebook:

or YouTube: