MA SODA (solo/dance/authorship)- Master of Arts

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Application period and entrance requirements
1st February – 1st April 2022  for the next summer semester 2023
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MA SODA (solo/dance/authorship) is a practice-led master’s degree that explores body-based performance practices within a two-year, full-time programme, focusing on individual research trajectories. The programme provides a lively and supportive research environment for students who are encouraged to bring their specific realities and concerns in order to further develop them through different disciplines in the arts and beyond. The course challenges existing student performance practices within an academic structure amongst diverse group of peers and in dialogue with other artists, thinkers and practitioners.

One of course’s core values is that a body-based approach to research is needed more than ever due to the increasing complexity of contemporary life. Considering the body simultaneously as witness, document, and agent, the course questions what kind of artistic strategies can be developed as a response.

MA SODA is concerned with the intersection of aesthetics, politics, and ethics and a critical awareness of systems of knowledge production in relation to the body. This implies confronting existing geopolitical, economical and symbolic hegemonies in art.

MA SODA is taught in English. It is designed for students wishing to undertake a consistent and structured development of their artistic research trajectory whilst learning to become as articulate as possilbeabout one‘s practice and its context. It offers a rigorous grounding in how to write, situate and talk about one’s artistic practice and helps to frame, document and present students’ work in different formats. The programme includes a broad spectrum of international guest lecturers as well as members of the independent Berlin art scene.

Your application procedure step by step

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