LOFT Residence – Dwars Livingroom (DE)

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LOFT Residence – Dwars Livingroom – residence up to one month, free accommodation, two showings in the end.

Where: LOFT, Holtenauerstraße 354, 24106 Kiel, Germany

When: up to one month, possible from April 1st to June 30th

Deadline for applications: December 31st

The Loft is a beautiful workspace (80m², dance carpet) in the northern German capital city Kiel. For up to 30 days between April and June 2021 you get the opportunity to work in this Studio which is located in the Urban area. There is the possibility to sleep in the Workspace, but there is also a guest apartment available with three rooms. The guest apartment is located 10km distance from the Studio on the countryside (good public transport)
In the end of your residence we expect you to present your work on two evenings. Each evening will be a double-bill performance with your work and a performance of Leon Franzke, who is the owner of the space. During your stay you will have the Studio completely for yourself, day and night. All kinds of performance can be created there. Music, Dance, Theatre or any other. There are no theatre lights, the setting for the presentations is the studio which has a cosy livingroom-athmosphere.

How to apply: Apply via mail to
Describe how long you would like to stay, how many people you are and what you will work on. Also send at least one Video link to a previous work and/or your website.

Free for partisipants.

For further information, please visit

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