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Nov 2nd to 7th, 2021

first part: Nov 2nd-4th

second part: Nov 5th to 7th

suitable for: beginners / advanced

The two-part workshop MEISNER TECHNIQUE and SCENE STUDY with the renowned, NY based acting coach Jerry Coyle is suitable for advanced actors as well as beginners. The first part, November 2nd-4th, will center around the foundation of the Meisner technique and its practical application in scene study and partner work. No matter if you’re new to the technique or already experienced, Jerry’s approach is quite unique and geared to the specific needs of the different participants. From ‘getting in touch’ to ‘getting to the moment’ – Jerry Coyle explores and re-defines the famous ‘repetition’ exercise and provides individual approaches to the core of acting.

The second part, Nov 5th to 7th, builds up on the prior exploration of the technique. In this part of the workshop, the technique will be applied to the field of scene study. Each participant will be given a scene at the beginning of the week that he*she is asked to prepare for the workshop. Under Jerry Coyle’s experienced guidance, you will experience a huge step ahead in your understanding and mastering of scene work and preparation. Jerry Coyle helps you to release common blocks and unhelpful habits – and provides you with individual tools for shooting and casting preparation!

Over 30 years of active teaching make Jerry Coyle’s renowned classes a memorable experience for advanced actors as well as beginners. 

Language: English


Active Participants:   

EUR 260,- for part 1, EUR 240,- for part 2

Part 1&2 EUR 450,-


EUR 120,- for part 1, EUR 120,- for part 2

Part 1&2 EUR 200,-

Active Participants will explore the technique practically as well as in partner and scene work. Observers are welcome to participate in the analysis of the different exercises and feedback rounds. 

More information and bookings:

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