(HRV) Špancirfest wird 20!

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23. August bis 01. September 2019

Concerts, street performers, workshops, exhibitions, creative, rich show-sale offers, gastronomic pleasures and many other facilities for ten days transform the beautiful historic core of Varaždin into a unique festival stage, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

For twenty years, at the end of August, the historic city core of Varaždin is transformed into the largest stage in Croatia. During the ten days of Špancirfest, the streets, squares, palaces, parks, gardens, and courtyards of historic Varaždin become stages, theatres, restaurants, bars, clubs, classrooms, and shops at the largest, most popular and most diverse Croatian festival.

For, Špancirfest is both a street and a music festival. It is a festival of people who like taking walks, as well as those who like to party, it is a festival of hedonism, an art festival, a festival of tradition, and a festival of contemporary creative production.

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