Claudia Bosse: bones and stones casting call, Vienna

application due august 25, 2022!

claudia bosse and theatercombinat are auditioning female dancers and performers between 25 and 85 years for the upcoming performance production bones and stones, planned to premiere at the end of february 2023 at tanzquartier vienna.

a workshop audition takes place in vienna at tanzquartier studios

on september 5 and 7, 2022.

we are looking for three strong professional female performers and dancers who have stage experience using both – movement and voice – from talking to singing.
1 dancer with contemporary skills between 60-85 years
1 performer between 25-30 years
1 performer open age

bones and stones, a performance by claudia bosse, explores time and matter of our planet, the forgotten layers and sediments under the earth and in the body, the memory of stones and bones, as well as processes of transformation or decay. the performers will work with various hybrid bodies, constellations and states, with visual and tangible material, historic and utopian concepts relating to the planet, organic matter and entities, different writings, poems, myths and eco somatic practices. this transgenerational ensemble will imagine and experiment with possible futures and pasts, body states, poetic assemblages in an environmentally engaged performance. the project is part of the 4-year cycle ORGAN/ismus – poetics of relations.

the working phases will be mostly in vienna as follows, and are still subject to change:
september 19-23, 2022
october 10-21, 2022
january 16-february 25, 2023 (incl. 3 performances)
the rehearsal will be indoor and outdoor.
an outdoor version of the performance is planned for early summer 2023 in vienna.

how to apply: send your CV, letter of interest and short video with movement and voice to in order to get an invitation for the workshop audition. apply in english or german.

what we are looking for

  • professional female performers and dancers between 25-85 years with strong movement and voice skills
  • professionals willed to work with nudity
  • professionals which are experienced working in a split setting without a stage
  • professionals who agree to work with bones and/or other organs and stones
  • preferable vienna or berlin based or elsewhere
  • available throughout the whole rehearsal period

what we offer  

  • fixed salary as honorarium for the working period: 124 euro/ day
  • accommodation and travel expenses if needed
  • working within a professional transdisciplinary environment

for further information please visit

claudia bosse lives in vienna and berlin and works as a director, choreographer, artist, and head of theatercombinat. her works negotiate forms of violence, history, and concrete utopias. she describes her space-filling choreographies, in which she interweaves myths, rituals, texts, and documents with bodies, language, objects, and choruses to create her pieces, as ‘art in a temporary community’. inside and outside of europe, in museums, architectures, theaters, landscapes, and urban spaces, claudia bosse devises site-specific works, installations and interventions. she has taught as a guest professor at various universities, among other teaching activities, research projects and lectures. claudia bosse is currently working on the four-year project ORGAN/ISMUS poetics of relations.

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