Call to Vienna based actors: The Norwegian Ibsen Company – An Enemy of the People

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The Norwegian Ibsen company is taking Ibsen´s An Enemy of the People worldwide to increase our awareness and mutual responsibility to support the people who speaks up for our common good.

The project, helmed by director Christian Holm-Glad, will consist of three phases:
Workshops around the globe (from 2022 to 2027) with local actors to explore; How does An Enemy of the People resonate in
the present time in the country and culture they live in? What are the most pressing topics in their society? We are planning approximately 7 of these workshops. So far, we have done Istanbul (2022) and Los Angeles (2023). In 2024 Vienna will be the next city where we will conduct a local version. Mumbai, Vienna, Kathmandu, Nairobi, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Jerusalem, and Sydney are the next cities we consider. With the information we have gathered from these workshops we will make an international large-scale version of An Enemy of
the People that will be played on all continents – using local places with environmental issues as the stage; such as a melting
glacier in Norway, a dried-up lake in Chile, a shipwreck yard in India, a river filled with plastic in Thailand, “delta-cities” already
struggling with rising sea-levels like Dhaka, Hong Kong or Miami– etc.

The goal is to raise awareness of the global issues we have and that these problems only can be solved if we come together.
These plays will be executed in 2028 (Ibsen´s 200 years anniversary). The workshops will be followed by a documentary team to make an international documentary on the topics of An Enemy of the People.

The Vienna workshop will be conducted 17-28th of June daytime. This is not a funded workshop so only a symbolic payment of
250 Euros will be paid. The workshop participants will be playing roles, some of them might be cast for the actual play in 2028. .

Are you interested in joining the project? Please reach out to Producer André Moi Danielsen or Director Christian Holm-Glad.
André Moi Danielsen, Producer The Norwegian Ibsen Company / Det Norske Ibsenkompaniet
Christian Holm-Glad –

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