Call for singers for the new media performance

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Searching for singers with professional (jazz or jazz-like) experience for the new media performance “Here, Somewhere Else”.

expected fee ~1500 (40 hours of practice and 4 performances)


Comfortable with odd rhythms

Precise in timing (and pitch… of course)

Comfortable with open air performance situations 

Comfortable with being lit (sometimes flashed) by tablets screens and theater lights.

Free to rehearse in late April, beginning of May, in Vienna

Free to perform around 15th and 22nd of May, around Salzburg.

Willing to continue collaborating for future shows.

No racists, queer-phobes or fundamentalists of any kind.

About the performance:

Here a video simulation of a section:    (Password: supergau)

Will debut at the Supergau festival in mid May, performed 4 times, in Salzburg’s Flachgau area.

Length will be between 30 and 40 minutes, singers will hold tablets on which they’ll be able to see a running score.

Score can be adapted to the singer’s vocal range

A PDF about the piece is available on request for further details.

If interested e-mail me at

With a couple of informal lines about yourself / your experience and 1 to 3 links to videos of your vocal performances 

(keep in mind that interest is on precise timing and odd rhythms)


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