Call for Projects 2021: The art of bringing Europe together

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Deadline: 1 September 2020

Our Goal

Supporting Projects which Challenge and Surprise

With our call for proposals, we wish to reach parties using artistic and cultural means to create open spaces enabling critical discourse about Europe’s future, and also support exchange and networking across borders.

As a European cultural foundation, we are seeking projects of a translocal nature, meaning that partners from different countries or different regions collaborate. We seek projects which use the vantage points of the arts to think beyond their own horizon, to engage in new and unusual alliances, and enable as many different parties as possible to cooperate and engage. We are interested in projects at the interface of the arts and digitalization which develop participatory and inclusive offerings.

In doing so, we focus on two issues: who is involved in a project? And whom does it address? We are open to all genres, and especially to genre-bending experiments. The larger the role the aspects enumerated in the call for projects play in a proposal, the more likely it is to be selected.