Call for Artist – Andorra International Biennial (AD)

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Participation conditions

  1. This call is open to all artists, both national and international. The theme of this 4th edition originates from the question „What would happen if we had to confine ourselves in the mountain?“. We want that our visitors think multifacetedly about the range of the COVID-19 actual and possible changes on the global population, as well as open the dialogue towards new forms of confinement linked to nature as an alternative way to urban concentrations.
  2. Artists are invited to create as many proposals as they wish. The artworks can be located on any of the aforementioned sites. The organization reserves the right to modify the site chosen by the artist and to suggest a new one. If the artist does not specify a site, the organization will choose the most suitable one along with a jury formed by a selection committee. The committee’s decision will be final and will be personally communicated to all the participating artists. To make the selection, the jury may ask for additional information from the candidate artists.
  1. Assembling will take place on June 14-30, 2021, but it may start earlier if the project requires so.
  2. All artists must commit to having finished and installed their works of art by July 1, the opening day.
  3. All artists must attend the opening ceremony, which will take place on July 1, 2021, at 6 PM.
  4. The organization may book rooms at a central hotel at a special price for all foreign artists who need accommodation.
  5. Artists must deliver a project and a budget covering all the expenses (artistic project, material, transportation, installation, travel costs, auxiliary services, professional fees…).
  6. Once the artists are selected, the chosen candidates will receive artistic compensation through a specific payment method. The payment will be made in two stages, after handing over a bill, if applicable:

1st stage: 50% of the total budget (including taxes) after the works of art are received, according to contract agreements. The payment will be made during the second week of August.

2nd stage: 50% of the total budget (including taxes) at the end of the event and after the piece is disassembled and moved away by the artist or their delegation. The payment will be made during the first week of October.

Documentation requirements

All artists must send three files in pdf format by email to the following address: Proposal delivery deadline: Friday, March 19, 2021, at 11:55 PM (GMT+1).

Information about the artist: curriculum and artistic dossier with similar works.

Artistic proposal for the 2021 Biennial, which must include the features of the art piece, the suggested site, if there is any, and the time needed for installing it.

Itemized budget of the proposal (including taxes). In this pdf, it is necessary to specify which of these groups does the project belong to:

GROUP A: free of charge

GROUP B: from 1 to 500 €

GROUP C: from 501 to 1000 €

GROUP D: from 1001 to 2000 €

GROUP E: more than 2000 €

NOTE: The organization will use a large part of the budget for spreading and mentioning the artists and their artwork in several mass communication media such as audiovisual communication media, catalogs, websites, social networks, press advertisements, and posters.

More information and Open Call

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