Bundesakademie Wolfenbüttel (D): Conference on Cultural Policy and Sustainable Development

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8.- 9. July 2019, Wolfenbüttel   

The Role of the Artist in Processes of Transformation.

Culture is often attributed a major role in sustainable development. Task of cultural policy is therefore to create and support structures that promote mobilization of creativity of people and thus ensure welfare, innovation and pluralism. Societies in Africa are facing challenges like ethnic and religious conflicts, social marginalisation and displacement, among others.

In this context, artistic practices can contribute in fostering social cohesion and participation which leads to more peaceful coexistence and the creation of pluralistic societies. Artists are social commentators to channel but also to defuse conflicts, which can be a model for an aesthetic transformation of conflicts contributing to sustainable development.

The conference investigates the role of arts and culture for sustainable development by addressing the following questions:

What are the definitions of an arts and culture based sustainable development?

In which way can artists provide solutions for societies in transformation and fragile contexts?

What new mechanisms of international cultural relations and policies are needed for a change in European-African cooperation?

The conference offers insights and exchange on the above-mentioned topics with scholars of the Graduate School ‘Performing Sustainability’ from West-Africa as well as researchers of the Master’s program ‘Cultural Policy and Cultural Management’ from the Arab Region and academics from Germany.

Info: https://archive.newsletter2go.com

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