Brazilian Body Percussion & Dance with Charles Raszl

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Sat 27/11 & Sun 28/11
10 – 13h each day

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85,- two days, 45,- one day


Tanz*Hotel, Zirkusgasse, 1020 Wien


The body music technique developed by Charles is a synthesis of his experiences in the fields of music (classical and popular music) and dance (traditional Brazilian, contemporary and capoeira dances), which meet the body percussion developed by the Barbatuques (body-percussion-voice ).

Through body music techniques we will explore different Brazilian rhythms (such as samba, baião, ijexá, capoeira, coco, caboclinho / perré, tambor de mina), musical composition exercises, choreographic improvisation and vocal arrangements.

The singing and movements from the world of Brazilian gestural dance fused with body percussion techniques will be rich in creative and socio-cultural ideas. They will allow us to know some aspects of Brazilian popular culture and its encounter with other cultural manifestations and may have a pedagogical application or be used as a tool for performative creation.

Participants will thus be inspired through an approach in which the body is at the same time a percussive, melodic and harmonic event that dances and brings individual and collective stories.

One of the objectives is the creation of an „emotional territory“ which favors the overcoming of oneself in the technical aspects and allows one to perceive the relationship between art and human encounter. An encounter that highlights artistic potential, historical memory and resilience, as well as the ability to re-invent relationships and thus affirm cultural manifestations as a connection between what is alive and the cycles of nature.

The seminar is aimed at musicians, dancers, capoeiristas, teachers of music, dance and theater who wish to expand their pedagogical repertoire and to all those who are interested in approaching this stimulating discipline.

About Charles:

Charles Raszl is guitarist, conductor, performer, arranger, composer, art educator and musical and theatrical director. He graduated from the Federal University of São Carlos in Music Education.

After completing the Classical Conservatory of Guitar, he joins the vocal group of the University of Sao Paulo, where he meets Fernando Barba, founder of Barbatuques, a reference group for body percussion in Brazil of which Charles is still a member today.

He moves to Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Brazil through various Body Music festivals (such as the IBMF-International Body Music Festival, PDF / France / Paris, MC Uruguay Festival and Body Rhythm Festival of Hamburg) bringing his teaching , the result of research into traditional Brazilian body music and dance techniques.

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