BACKPULVER_Feedback Training

Contemporary Dance Training opportunities in Vienna

BACKPULVER_Feedback Training is a young and independent initiative conceived as a think tank (and practice) for the local contemporary dance community. Its activities focus on peer-to-peer movement knowledge exchange and consist of contemporary dance training sessions currently led twice a week by alternating teaching artists. After each training session, a feedback round is facilitated to stimulate a group discussion so that potentials of development in each proposal can be identified. Every movement training idea is brought into the studio to resonate and evolve. BACKPULVER_Feedback Training therefore aims to gather ‚critical friends‘ in a common quest, that of nourishing collectively a discourse on movement starting first and foremost from the shared experience of the body in motion.



Training sessions are held every Thursdays and Fridays morning, from 09:15 to 11:15 (80 mins Training / 40 mins Feedback and Dialogue)


As locations are subject to change, it is highly recommended to regularly check the information posted on Facebook / Instagram / Newsletter.

COST 3€ / Session

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