Awareness of the idiot – Intensive Clown workshop with Richard Kimberley

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Vienna, 23-24 April 2022

A fun and challenging exploration into your fantastic beautiful idiot!

We will explore clown through breath, through eyes, games, silence, play, improvisations, through the stage and movement. Through watching ourselves and each other, through being with ‚What is‘ and through risking to be seen in all our idiot glory!
For all experience levels welcome.

100 – 215 Euros sliding scale.

Richard has trained intensively in Physical Theatre and works the last 12 years as a performer, director, teacher and play explorer. He has mostly been influenced by his time at the renowned Ecolé Philippe Gaulier (Where he is now an assistant teacher), Atelier Matteo Destro (Where i am a returning guest teacher) and Giovani Fusetti (With whom i am mentored in the pedagogic field)  

Richard has performed the Last 10 years with Barada Street (Music Acrobatic Comedy Show) as well as touring with Plague of Idiots – Clown show around the world. He also worked with Clowns without boarders UK
More info and booking here  

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