Thanks to the support of the MA7, the Verein für nachhaltige künstlerische Arbeit we will again be able to offer the space of Arbeitsplatz to the artistic community at affordable conditions!

The Verein für nachhaltige künstlerische Arbeit is offering the unique opportunity to a single artist or to a group/association to become a core member and enjoy 20 weeks of studio space per year, as well as storage room and office space.

What you get as core-member:

  • Rehearsal Space up to 10 weeks/year in the big studio and 10 weeks/year in the small studio per year

  • Continuous Storage and Office Space

  • Being part of an association that is concerned with inner and outer sustainability in the artistic sector

What does a Membership at Arbeitsplatz mean?

Core members …

  • should actively participate in developing, curating, maintaining and managing the Project Arbeitsplatz 2024-2025 and its facilities in Florisoorf

  • can be single artists, groups or associations

  • should have an interest in the topic of sustainability in the artistic sector

  • will be in the Vorstand of the Association Verein für nachhaltige künstlerische Arbeit.


The monthly fee ranges between 150€ and 320€, depending on the height of your subsidy.


Use this form to send your application:

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