1st Austrian Symposium for Drama and Theatre Therapy: 6th – 9th January 2022 at Schloss Goldegg, Salzburg/Austria

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„Universal Myths and Dramatic Resonances“ with Dr. Susana Pendzik (Israel/Argentina)

In this workshop Susana Pendzik will guide participants through ways of experiencing stories, deconstructing and challenging official narratives, empowering alternative discourses, finding healing metaphors, connecting personal experiences to universal myths and stories, while incorporating universal wisdoms from ancient and modern cultures for patterning psychic processes using ritual forms and dramatic resonances – a drama therapy –based approach, grounded in the transformative power of dramatic reality and its ability to produce resonances in the human psyche.

„Shadow Liberation Theatre“ with Evan Hastings (USA)

This workshop will dance between light and shadow, concrete and abstract, reality and representation. As an intermodal play space, Shadow Theatre offers distancing strategies conducive to playing with taboo or traumatic material in metaphoric, veiled or abstracted ways. (…) This experimental workshop will be embodied and hands on with reflection in action. You are invited to step to the edge, enter the shadows and play.

„Sacred Dance & Orixás in Psychotherapy“ with Tina de Souza (Brasil)

The Sacred Dance proposes the awakening of the sacred within, the exploration of the essence of each of the elements and the alignment of body, mind and spirit. This work is accompanied by guest musicians from Austria. Orixás in Psychotherapy is a model which contributes to a better understanding of physical and mental sufferings. As a Yalorixá of Umbanda and a clinical psychotherapist Tina unites scientific and spiritual knowledge to a holistic approach of healing. “Dancing the Sacred is communing with Nature! It is to travel to the centre of creation and find yourself!”

The symposium is organized by the ÖGDTT (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Drama- und Theatertherapie) and Kulturverein Schloss Goldegg.

Fee: 390€ / all lectures and workshops

Accomodation and food is NOT included in the price.

For further information please write to office@schlossgoldegg.at or birgitfritz.contact@gmail.com

Early bird fee until the 10th of October and online-registration possible at



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