EAIPA: Artists in Focus #3 – Arts as public health service

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A Series of Online Events / 14h – 16h CET

#3       14.03.2024 – Arts as public health service

What can the arts do for public health? Throughout Europe, there are many examples of artist-driven projects that directly address communities with special needs. Whether it is the “arts on prescription” in the Baltic Sea region or dance classes for people with chronic diseases. Arts can do a lot for an individual’s well-being, but does this imply that artists are obliged to cover needs or gaps in the social system?

The event will be held in English language, please register here: https://www.termino.gv.at/meet/b/df6d9cfd8616c681a9edcd70b87a2638-262978

You can find the documentation of our recent event series „Fairness in Focus“ here.

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