EAIPA: Artists in Focus #1 – Mental health in focus

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A Series of Online Events / 14h – 16h CET

#1        09.11.2023 – Mental health in focus
How do the working conditions and career prospects affect the mental health of artists? Over the past years, personal well-being has increasingly become a topic in societal discourse and has also found its way into funding criteria for performing arts. We present current studies and their findings and will interview and artists and experts.

The event will be held in English language, please register here: https://www.termino.gv.at/meet/b/df6d9cfd8616c681a9edcd70b87a2638-262978

You can find the documentation of our recent event series „Fairness in Focus“ here.

All events of Artists in Focus:

#1        09.11.2023 – Mental health in focus
#2       18.01.2024 – Career support
#3       14.03.2024 – Arts as public health service
#4       16.05.2024 – Chain of responsibilities: funding politics

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