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gift – zeitschrift für freies theater / magazine for independent performing arts is dedicated to discourses within the performing arts, to culturalpolitical themes and debates and informs about festivals and other events within the performing arts sector. Some of the articles are published in english language.

The magazine is published four times a year (end of March, end of June, end of September & in December).

single issue: EUR 5 (within Austria)
subscription for a year – standard : EUR 20 (Austria), EUR 25 (abroad)
subscription for a year – students: EUR 10 (within Austria)
The annual subscription of the gift – magazine for independent theatre is included in the annual membership fee.

½ page: EUR 150
1 page: EUR 300

(prices within 5 % advertisement tax)

Ulrike Kuner, Julia Kronenberg, Maiko Sakurai, Christian Keller

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Interessengemeinschaft Freie Theaterarbeit
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