Vital’nya Vienna: platform for presenting artists and cultural workers from Ukraine.

Vital’nya Vienna

Vitalʹnya Vienna (вітальня відень), meaning „living

room“, is a recently founded soft, cozy platform for

presenting artists and cultural workers from


The initiative is a direct response to wishes

expressed at the Emergency Assembly of cultural

workers in Vienna in April. The second event will

be held on 06.07.2022 at Fluc, Vienna (upstairs).

Vitalʹnya Vienna aims to create an informal, homey

atmosphere with discussion, hanging out, and

snacks. The idea is to open up an opportunity for

artists and cultural workers from Ukraine to present

their work, connect with local networks and get low

threshold information on funding structures and

institutions in the Vienna art and culture scene.

We direct our invitation to the Viennese art and

cultural scene to come and learn about the new

art peers in town and their practice.

The initiative was started by a group of local artists, cultural workers, and curators with the aim to

share their resources and platform to welcome artists and cultural workers arriving in Vienna from

Ukraine. The event will present projects submitted through an open call at Fluc, Vienna. The stage

is open for music, poetry, performance, dance, and presenting research projects. Each event will

host up to 5 presenters. The team curating will be limited to creating interesting line-ups. All

projects will have a chance to be presented.


When: 06.07.2022 // 18:00 – 23:00

Where: Fluc Upstairs

What: 5 presentations of artists from Ukraine

And: Vegan snacks

Door: Free donation


We are a collective opposing abuse and discrimination. We want to ensure that our event is a

safer space where people’s experiences and identities are respected. Fluc and Vital’nya Vienna do

not tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any kind of discriminatory behavior.