EAIPA: Fairness in Focus #4 intermittency systems – May 11, 14-16 h CET

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The European Association of Independent Performing Arts kindly invites you to the fourth event of „Fairness in Focus“: 11.05.2023: intermittency systems / 14 – 16 h CET
The fourth event of our online series will focus on systems that provide support for performing artists in-between their projects:
whether they are called “artist status”, “performing arts alliances”, “régime des salariés intermittents du spectacle” or basic income for artists… we will explain and compare them for our international guests and talk to artists and representatives from Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, France and Belgium.
Duration: 120 min.
Target groups:
🔹 artists and participants from the European independent performing arts scene
🔹 local and national politicians and administrative personnel
🔹 EAIPA members and staff
🔹 students
🔹 media
Participation is free of charge.
You have missed one of our events, but are interested in the information shared? We are working on the documentation of each event and will soon upload presentations slides and video links to our page www.eaipa.eu. If you wish to be notified, please contact us under: info@eaipa.eu
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