ACT OUT Tour and Residency Funding

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ACT OUT is a tour and residency funding programme for independent theatre and performance artists and groups. ACT OUT is funded by BMEIA – Auslandskultur and administrated by IG Freie Theaterarbeit.

In addition, ACT OUT offers an online platform where artists / theatre groups can upload recordings of their stage productions. ACT OUT online serves, amongst others, as a selection catalogue for Austrian Cultural Forums who are interested in streaming Austrian stage productions.

ATTENTION: We regret to inform you that our budget for 2023 is already exhausted. The application forms are still online and we will still accept new applications – but please bear in mind that from now on, a positively assessed application can only be funded if funds become available again after other projects have been settled.

Amount and Subject of TOUR- and RESIDENCY Grants:


The maximum amount of funding for international guest performances is € 12,000.

Support is provided for:

  •     Costs for: Travel, transport, accommodation, text translations.
  •     Fees for: Artists, technicians and production management.

Eligible to apply are:

  • independent groups based in Austria
  • individual artists who are tax residents in Austria

 From the genres:

  • Drama theatre
  • Musical theatre
  • Children’s and youth theatre
  • New circus and contemporary circus
  • Street art
  • Object and puppet theatre

Freelance groups and individual artists from the genres of dance and performance are NOT eligible to apply. These guest performance applications can still be submitted via DOTA.


The maximum funding amount for international residencies of up to 5 persons is € 4,000.

Support is provided for:

  •     Costs for: Travel and accommodation (up to a maximum of 21 days)
  •     Fees for: artists

    (Please note: in the case of residencies, ACT OUT can only support travelling artists who are tax residents in Austria).

Eligible to apply are:

  •     freelance groups based in Austria
  •     individual artists who are tax residents in Austria

From the genres:

  • Drama theatre
  • Musical theatre
  • Children’s and youth theatre
  • Dance and performance
  • New Circus and Contemporary Circus
  • Street art/performance
  • Object and puppet theatre

Minimum fees and rates are stipulated, which correspond to the IGFT minimum fee recommendations and are detailed in the application form.


Applications for tour and residency funding are open to all countries internationally, but priority is given to Europe.


Applications must be submitted using the form and calculation template at least 6 weeks before the start of the residency or guest performance.

The application forms for 2023 are available here:

Please send the completed application to the following email address:

The IGFT will check the application for correctness of form and content and clarify all open questions with the applicants.

Decision – Jury

The three-member jury decides by circular resolution and within 2 weeks after receipt of the correct application form (correct in terms of content and calculation) for both the guest performance and the residency funding.

The Jury: Angela Heide (W), Teresa Waas (T) and Philippe Riera (W/int)

ACT OUT online

This streaming platform serves to provide the Austrian Cultural Forums and Embassies with a selection of streamable production recordings and to provide information about the productions in terms of content and form. The Austrian Cultural Forums and Embassies will select individual productions from this pool to stream them in the respective countries. Of course, the artists will receive fees from the respective cultural forums.

Artists are cordially invited to upload their own recordings, trailers and documentations of theatre productions from the independent scene.

Click here to go to the ACT OUT online platform.

To receive the invitation link, please send an e-mail to actout[at]


Esther Baio, Project Manager

ACT OUT is funded by:

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