Ksenia Yurkova: Looking for Collaborators

Deadline: 20.12.2018

For my new video-work, I am looking for performance artists based in Vienna and around.
It will be not fully a commissioned work (nonetheless, the work of a performer is paid), but an artistic collaboration.
It means that the performer plays two roles, both: an object of my 'research', and a subject, a co-author.

By this work, I want to research the phenomenon of affect. More to say, the hypothesis whether an affect can be delegated to another person.

I would like a performer to:
read all the texts I will provide (3 blocks/ 7 texts in each/ 1 text - haft of A4).
find a text which resonates* with her/ his/ their remembrance.
What is a resonance in this respect: a similar body feeling, reaction, mixture of reactions which is clearly revealed not on the verbal, but explicitly on the bodily level.
To recall a situation where, how she/ he/ they experienced this affect.
To write down this situation (similarly to my texts).
To reenact* this episode IN THE PLACE it has happened (own apartment, house, country house, school, etc..).
So if a place is connected with a childhood memory it has to be the same place.
BUT: the voiceover to this reenactment will be the initial text, the one which created this resonance.

The reenactment – is a collaborative work of me with a performer. Together we discuss all the details, write a scenario,
observe a film set, having some rehearsals, and then shooting a video (several takes). Then we record a voiceover.

It is a paid job, so we sign a model release.
The honorarium is 200 Euro IN TOTAL and paid after the work (filming and voiceover) is finished.

I realise that the payment is more symbolic but I accentuate that I, at the first place, need a collaborator.
So you need to like an idea and want to contribute to it.

The deadlines: 20s of December for applications
Shooting in January-February

I am an artist living between St.Petersburg and Helsinki. Three upcoming winter months I will be residing in AIR-Niederösterreich.
I work primarily with photography, video and text. The main focus of my interest is communication and language:
the varieties of its substance, the possibility of conversion, its mythological aspect, stereotyping (the question of personal and political self-identification and identification by others), problems of memory, attitudes, and reliance.

My website is:
Contact me via:

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