(IT)CITOFONARE PIMOFF: Residencies Programme for Contemporary Dance and Performance

Application deadline: 31st of May 2019 at midday

Pim Spazio Scenico Cultural Association, based at PimOff Theatre in Milan, will invite for the fourth year artists to submit project proposals at their creation phase, yet to premiere.
PimOff supports the contemporary artistic creation and encourages research by hosting residencies for artists. It will provide the conditions needed for the development and long-term sustainability of the selected projects, national and international. A further intent of the call is to facilitate the intercultural exchange among Countries.


‘Citofonare PimOff’ supports dance and performance projects at their creation phase. PimOff will provide a residence of a period between one to two weeks from March to June 2020 to the selected projects. At the end of the residence, the companies/artists will present a preview of the project to the public.

PimOff will provide:

*Rehearsal studio (schedule to be agreed)
*Technical counselling
*Organisation, promotion and communication support
*Accommodation for maximum 4 people and use of the kitchen (board excluded)
*Financial support starting from 500 euros. The amount of the contribution is based on the number of the company’s members and on the characteristics of the projects.

Travels, transfers, board expenses, visa, performers fees are in charge of the companies/artists.


Candidates will provide through the online form the following material
*Biography of the company/artist
*link to videos of previous projects
*short description and dossier of the project
*state of advancement of the creative process and following steps (other agreed residencies and scheduled previews)
*images and video about the proposal (teaser, trailer, video script)
*Planning of the residence at PimOff and preferred period
*Educational activities proposal


The Call is open to national and international dance and performance companies/artists, with projects at the creation phase and yet to premiere. Completed performances are not admitted. Drama performances are excluded. Each company/artist can participate with just one project.
The selection of the projects is based on the evaluation of the quality and the originality of the artistical proposal, on the innovation of the language, on the theme and on the resumé of the company/artist. The projects will be also assessed for the state of advancement of the creative process and the following steps. Finally, projects that will be able to demonstrate the support of others associations, institutions, networks will be positively valued.


Selected companies/artists have to:
*propose educational activities, sharing moments with the public, promotional activities (meeting, workshop, open class, etc.)
*Communicate further sharing and/or participations to awards or festivals, before the beginning of the agreed residence at PimOff.

Projects which premiere before the residence at PimOff could be excluded, even after the publication of the “Call” results.
*Credits of the projects and promotional materials must always indicate “With the support of Citofonare PimOff - Milan”


PimOff, from this edition, has instituted a collaboration with Kelim Choreography Center, in Bat Yam (Tel Aviv - Israel). One of the winners of Citofonare PimOff, in agreement with Kelim Choreography Center’s staff, will be selected for a residence at the Center. Travel, board and accommodation costs will be at the expenses of the company/artist. In case the winner refuses the offer, the residence will be proposed to the second company/artist selected.


Companies/artists can apply via the online form available at the following link from the 31st of March 2019 to the 31st of May 2019 at midday. Additional materials or applications sent by email or mail will not be accepted. Any proposal received after the indicated date will not be considered valid.

The selected projects will be announced on the 30th of June on the PimOff website (

Application Form:

Only the selected candidates will be individually contacted.


In collaboration with Kelim Choreography Center


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