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European Commission: Consultation - Fitness Check on EU legal migration legislation

consultation till: 18th of September 2017

Consultation on the European Union's (EU) legislation on the legal migration of non-EU citizens (Fitness Check on EU legal migration legislation)


The European Commission is evaluating the existing EU legislation on legal migration, which covers the entry, stay and residency rules for non-EU citizens coming to the EU to study, work or join their families.

We will identify possible gaps and inconsistencies in the current legislation; examine its contribution to an effective management of migration flows; and discuss possible ways for simplification.    

As part of this exercise, a public consultation has been launched and will run until 18 September 2017.

The consultation's webpage and questionnaire are available in all EU languages.

This consultation is addressed to the broadest public possible, both inside and outside the EU, as it is important to get views from all stakeholders on the difficulties they might have experienced so far. Stakeholders specifically targeted include, among others, non-EU citizens considering moving to the EU; non-EU citizens residing or having resided in the EU; employers, business representatives; public authorities; NGOs and interested citizens.   

We would be grateful if you could contribute to this process, replying to the questionnaire.
further information & questionaire: https://ec.europa.eu/