Danimayu: Coaching-Class Butoh *X*

application deadline: 06.01.2019
start coaching: 26.02.2019, 12:00-14:45

X' like eXperimental, 'X' like eXploration, eXternal, eX or eXit
With Butoh *X*, ButohKan Mayu provides a platform for artists and arts that are related to the basic ideas of Butoh. It offers classes and workshops of different methods which support the exploration of the self and aim at the free and personal development of the participants. Its core is the coaching-class Butoh *X* by DaniMayu. Dancers of all genres who are interested in including elements of Butoh into their work are invited to take part. Following the application process, two to three artists or teams will be selected to develop and present their new performance projects. In the course of three months, they will be accompanied in the design process and given guidance on the realization of their projects and concepts. The aim is a co-production with the opportunity of a public presentation. The ButohKan Mayu may be used on individual arrangement. The actual extent of the guidance can be arrange but at least once a week is obligate. At the end of this workshop a final showing will take place at the ButohCenter. If the preview doesn't convince, the showing may be postponed.

The income of the final performances at the studio will be shared among the artists.

Because this project hasn't any personal or public grant, the cost for guidance, organization, performance have to be covered by the applicants. A payment by installments is possible.

Dancers and choreographers with new solo, duo or trio projects (concepts) may apply independently of age, origin and education. All forms of expression that have contemporary dance, choreography or performance art as their starting point are highly welcome. A training in Butoh is not a prerequisite, the inclusion of ButohElements under the guidance of DaniMayu during the process is mandatory.

To apply, please send a short project description along with a CV, list of works, references, DVDs and video links to:

ABOUT: DANIMAYU, Butohist (Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor), has been permanently living in Tokyo 1999-2005. Ever since she has been traveling back and forth.

From February 2000 until today, she participated in numerous Workshops and co-operated with many ButohMasters and -Dancers in which the famous ButohCompany Dairakudakan form the main root. Others are  Akiko Motofuji, Ohno Yoshito, Kinya ‚Zulu‘ Tsuruyama, Kudo Taketeru, Oikawa Hironobu, Takada Keitoku, Koichi Tamano, Hino Hiruko, Akira Kasai, Semimaru and Toru Iwashita (both Sankai Juku), Seisaku, Ko Murobushi, Yuko Yuki, Moe Yamamoto, Hiromi Harada, Batarita, Sonja Heller, Yumiko Yoshioka, Yuko Kaseki, Motimaru and Stefan Maria Marb. She took Noguchi Taisou Classes with Hideo Arai in Tokyo and AshtangaYoga Classes in Vienna. With few exceptions DaniMayu works solistically. Numerous appearances in Japan, Austria and South Tyrol.
Since 2005 she gives regular ButohCourses and -Workshops in Vienna. 2006 she created the ButohCompany MayuKan. 2008 she started to invite guest instructors from abroad to give ButohWorkshops in Vienna. 2010 she organized the ButohFestival ‚Butohresque* Vol. 1‘ in Vienna. 2012 she founded ButohKan Mayu - ButohCenter Austria. 2012 she organized the ButohFestival ‚Butohresque* Vol. 2‘ in Vienna. 2016 she finished her thesis with the title ‚Butoh4Kids*‘, in which she develops a concept of how to teach Butoh to children.

13x 50 Minuten coaching
16x 2h rehearsal
showing incl. set up, final rehearsal, showing
700€ + 20% Ust

additional rehearsal:
10€ + 20% Ust. / 1h

application deadline: 06.01.2019
start coaching: 26.02.2019, 12:00-14:45
start rehearsal: week KW 9 (2h/week, individual arrangement)
set up and final rehearsal: 14.06.2019, 11:00-17:00
showing: 15.06.2019, 19:30

T: 0699 11 82 72 82

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