(D) Ausschreibung: Kurzstücke Tanz & Performance I Lucky Trimmer 2019

LUCKY TRIMMER accepts applications from anyone and anywhere. Show us your solos, your duets, bring your whole dance crew.


The only requirements are that

  • you are the choreographer or owners of the rights to the piece,
  • the piece is not a work in progress,
  • you do not require extensive technical support,
  • and the piece is TEN minutes or less

Other than that, anything goes. You can be from Berlin or Bali. You can be a newbie or a professional. You can be a first time LUCKY TRIMMER applicant or be applying for the hundredth time. Whether your first attempts were successful or not. Keep on trying. You might get LUCKY!


General conditions:

The Tanz Performance Serie takes place during the long Easter weekend each year (from Thursday until Sunday) and is held in Berlin at the SOPHIENSAELE theater. Invited artists are required to perform three times and must take part in a short technical rehearsal as well as a dress rehearsal prior to the performances. Participants must be available for all rehearsals and performances over the three-day festival.


LUCKY TRIMMER will offer total compensation of 500€ per piece. Accommodation (shared double occupancy) as well as a small financial contribution towards travel expenses might be provided depending on the available budget. Catering is provided in the dressing room as well as after the premiere. LUCKY TRIMMER also works with its network of co-production partners and collaborators to provide featured artists with additional performance opportunities.


Selection process:

Our LUCKY curatorial team has the happy task of reviewing your work. The team is composed of dance lovers with widely varied backgrounds in the arts, medicine, graphic design, and more. After each team member has independently viewed the videos and created a short list, the team convenes in closed session to select 7 to 8 pieces and put together a dazzling production for the Tanz Performance Serie in Berlin. Our decision is final and we are not able to offer any explanations for why your piece was not selected. All applicants will be notified about the final selection of our curatorial team by email.


To apply click here:


For more information click here:


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