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EON organized an international three-days meeting of practitioners in June 2005 and another in May 2007 and one in 2014. EON as well organizes smaller meetings on specific topics occasionally.

Unlimited! EON meeting
5-8 June 2014, Umeå, Sweden

Unlimited! EON meeting gathered 70 professionals from 16 countries around Europe, artists, programmers and cultural organisations within the independent sector of performing arts.

Unlimited! explored the theme ”Creating from a norm-critical perspective” by sharing, exploring and evolving experiences and ideas about methods and practices for creating without limitations by means of nationality, diversity, age, gender, body and mind.

Unlimited! was set up on the principles of Open Source, with methods and formats based on collaboration, transparency and rapid prototyping, open to contribution from all participants and using the outcome for development of new ideas and sustainable artistic development.

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The audio documentation of the panel discussion Beyond borders and conflicts at Unlimited! EON meeting is now available! Listen here:… – The player appears at the bottom of the webpage!

Welcome to share a glimpse of the meeting in Umeå and some interesting EON testimonies of contemporary history!

EON – 3. International Meeting & Integral Move Festival
5.-15. Mai 2010, Istanbul

was held during 5th-15th May 2010 in
Istanbul, 2010 European Capital of Culture.

Artists, representatives of cultural institutions and academicians from 30 European countries and neighboring states participated in this third big gathering of European Performing Artists to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, following Austria (2005) and Italy (2007).

The meeting took place at Istanbul Archeological Museum, which is a fascinating historical place in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. Panel and conference program were held during 6th, 7th and 8th May with academic conference about Communicative Intelligence and arts conference about Cultural Relations and Networking. Panels focused on infrastructure for cooperation projects and the role of social networks in building communicative ethics and aesthetics.

Beginning with 5th May, performances from 12 European countries took place in various stages of Istanbul. The Festival program covered dance performances, physical theatres and Body circuses under the theme Integral Move and Empathy.

European Capital of Culture, Istanbul is awaiting you with performances, carnival, discussion platforms and artistic workshops to achieve solid improvements in reproduction, partnerships, and collaborations at the meeting place of East and West.

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A Third Space
A Conference organized by European Off Network – EON between 15th – 19th October 2008 in Vienna

From 15th to 19th of October the international symposium A Third Space took place in Vienna (brunnen:passage) with about 30 theatre practitioners from conflict regions like Israel, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Turkey and Cyprus. Interested professionals from other countries like UK, Italy and Singapore took part as well as some Austrian participants. Unfortunately the artists Ali Abuyasin and Rajab Abusirriyeh from Gaza could not travel to Vienna, because the borders were closed and they could not get their already fixed visas. So this time it was impossible for them to take part and enjoy together the freedom of communication in a venue outside their region of massive conflicts. But with Hisham Suleiman, theatre director in Nazareth and his wife Raheeq, working as actress and psychodrama therapist, the Arab perspective was as well included as e.g. the perspective of Saleh Azzam as a Druse living in Israel.
For reasons of sustainability and effectiveness this symposium will be documented in written form and as a video. We are quite sure that A Third Space gave the participants a chance to present parts of their work and receive feedback, to start new relations and to discuss problems, ideas and concepts in an open atmosphere. Perhaps practical collaboration will be an outcome of the meeting apart from the documentation.

Find here the first reports of the meetings written by Ilkay Sevgi and Sean Aita:
Make Art Not War – ; by Ilkay Segvi
A Short Cultural Provocation; by Sean Aita

The documentation of the symposium Theater In Times Of War was published by HOP.LA! and the IGFT in August 2009 – TheatreInTimesOfWar

The videodocumentation you can view here:…

EON organisational meeting at
m e & y o u
+something in between

an intercultural programme after the book of martin buber

bitef poliphony 2007 september 24-28th
Belgrade Serbia

09.–12.05.2007, Brescia, Italy

The second EON-meeting took place in Brescia (Italy) in connection with the IKOS festival – thanks to the cooperation between the Italian key person Michele Losi (Scarlattine Theatre – Co.R.Pi.) and a number of engaged Italian artists and key persons of different other countries. A number of convenient circumstances and particularly the involvement and support from the Cooperativa Sociale Onlus Mondo Palcogiovani, created the necessary conditions for Brescia to be selected as the hosting city.
The meeting was a good occasion to exchanges ideas, materials and visions, within an open structure and a program that encouraged participants to alternative lecture, workshops and informal meetings.

Dialogue between Mimma Gallina (Italy) and Sabine Kock (Austria) about
„Big Questions of independent/fringe/off theatre, dance and performance“

– Women and/in Performing Arts moderated by Jadranka Andjelic (Dah Theatre Research Centre, Serbia)
– Theatre and/in war, moderated by Sabine Kock and Michele Losi
– Actor and Multimedia moderated by Davide D’Antonio (Teatro Inverso, Italy)

– Sustaining the EON Network, coordinated by Sean Aita (Forest Forge Theatre, UK)
– Open discussion on the relationship between independent and institutional theatre, coordinated by Aino Freyja Jarvela (Ekka Dance Theatre, Iceland)

Parallel Sessions:
– Women and/in Performing Arts
– Actor and multimedia
– Theatre and/in war
– The multi-professional artist

– Through physical theatre by Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher (Arma Theatre, Israel)
– “De-Victimizing Victims” through theatre by Jeton Neziraj (Cen
ter for Children’s Theatre Development, Kosovo)
– Mask Workshop by Markus Kupferblum (Austria)
– and many self-organized ad-hoc workshops by the participants

tel: +39 030 23 09105
Via Carpaccio 8
25124 Brescia (Italy)

International Conference & symposion precarious performances
From 27th-30th of April 2006 an international conference including a key-persons meeting took place in Vienna (hosted by the IGFT in cooperation with EON and the Off-Festival HÖLLENFAHRT).

The documentation of the integrated symposion precarious performances on the 28th of April can be found here:
gift – zeitschrift für freies theater

15.–18.06.2005, Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Austria

The first meeting of the European Off Network was organized by “Association of Independent Theatre in Austria – IGFT” from 15th–18th June 2005 in the Festspielhaus St. Pölten.
During this meeting, more than 250 participants from over thirty different countries discussed the general conditions, goals and visions of independent theatre companies in Europe within the scope of lectures, workshops and working groups, in the course of which the European Off Network was founded. The Meeting also hosted six productions and an international theatre festival.

The result of this European meeting of independent theatre people (including fringe, independent and off theatre) writers, actors, dramatic performers and dancers you can find in the publication “European Off Network. Visions and Conditions in the Field of Independent/Fringe/Off Theatre Work in Europe” published in 2006. The publication can be downloaded here: doku_european_off_network_2006

The documentation describes the European Off Network, you can find the 4 keynote-lectures of the meeting and 19 national reports on the situation of independent theatre work in Europe.

In november 2014 EON launched a new website, welcome to join at

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