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In november 2014 EON launched a new website, welcome to join at

EON Events

EON organized its first international three-day meeting of practitioners in June 2005. Held in St. Poelten (Austria) the event provided opportunities to watch performances, to share practices through workshops, to discuss key issues in a formal conference setting and to eat and drink together as a group of people with similar interests.

The second major event in Brescia in May 2007 extended this model, by exploring specific themes of relevance to the practitioners and by developing the structure underpinning the organization. Following this meeting the group agreed to develop a biennial format to its larger meetings, but to encourage and promote smaller events in a ‘viral networking’ model.

The third European Off Meeting and Integral Move International Performing Arts Festival was held during 5th-15th May 2010 in Istanbul, 2010 European Capital of Culture. Artists, representatives of cultural institutions and academicians from 30 European countries and neighboring states participated in this third big gathering of European Performing Artists to in Istanbul, Turkey.

In 2014 an international meeting was held in Umea/Sweden.

Goals of EON

– To promote awareness of the Independent sector’s role as “cultural ambassador”, through inter-cultural dialogue and cultural exchange.
– To strengthen the visibility and significance of independent theatre work in the new Europe.
– To offer true networking of independent performing artists at a European level beyond mere lip service to the requirement of cultural policy.
– To support an adequate infrastructure, with sustainable technical and personal support.
– To develop a common political lobby at national and European levels.
– To develop and stand up for inter-cultural and trans national mobility, and subsequently to raise awareness of independent theatre work at a European level.
– To provide a platform for transferring and sharing knowledge.
– To promote the understanding of the individual members ethnic heritage as well as developing a common European cultural heritage.

Recent meetings helped us to define following priorities of the Network:

– information-sharing
– exploring artists‘ approaches to work and programmers to present their work
– communication between ourselves as practitioners

Lobbying and representation:
– external campaigning
– representing artists in cultural, economic and political contexts
– lobbying for changes in laws and governance

– specific activity to develop the contexts in which we create and present work, including professional development and opportunities to grow as artists and trainers, such as exploring business practice.

Mutual activities:
– rights, understanding legislation, employment conditions, working conditions, health and safety issues, insurance
– personal and liability, pension

Online Discussion Forum and Information Exchange:

EON is a network. As such, there is no infrastructure – no office, no staff and no direct way to contact EON other than by e-mail. There is a steering group formed by key-persons from different countries, which carries out managerial and development functions on behalf of the network. If you would like to speak to someone, please e-mail details with your contact to and a member of the steering group will contact you.

In november 2014 EON launched a new website, welcome to join at

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    • Infoveranstaltung: Projektkalkulation und -budgetierung
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    • Einladung zur Generalversammlung 2019 der IG Freie Theaterarbeit
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    • Infoveranstaltung: Gemeinnützigkeit bei Vereinen
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