Consultations are currently only available by email, we will be happy to call you back. If you have any questions, please contact Julia Kronenberg at j.kronenberg [at] or Patrick Trotter at p.trotter [at]!

For IGFT members, all consultations are free of charge, non-members pay 50, – EUR for consultation.

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Die IGFT bietet die Möglichkeit, sich in einem persönlichen Beratungsgespräch umfassend zu berufsspezifischen Fragen und Rechtsproblemen zu informieren.Beratung gibt es u. a. zu folgenden Themen:

  • • social insurance (health insurance, accident insurance, unemployment insurance, pension insurance)
  • • child and career (maternity benefits, childcare allowance, Re-entry, etc.)
  • • Artist Social Insurance Fund (KSVF – Künstler-Sozialversicherungsfonds) 
  • • AMS/additional income/retirement
  • • correct Employment Type (Employment – Self-employment)
  • • accounting and tax law
  • • founding an association and the law of association
  • • subsidy possibilities, submission of subsidies (new: consultations on EU Creative Europe Submissions / Culture Programs)
  • Projektorganisation, Projekteinreichung, -kalkulation und -abrechnung
  • • PR 
  • • sponsorship, deductibility of donations
  • • copyright
  • • data protection
  • uvm

We have answers or try to find solutions to many more questions.

Appointments for consultations with Julia Kronenberg only after scheduling your appointment in advance by phone (01/403 87 94; Monday to Thursday 9:30-16 h). Consultations take place personally in our office, by phone or by e-mail. 

For IGFT members, all consultations are free of charge, non-members pay 50, – EUR for consultation.



Regular infoworkshops of the IGFT offer members an opportunity to get informed about new developments, current questions and challenges in the independent theatre scene as well as about specific topics.

Experts from different areas offer their expertise with a subsequent opportunity for questions and discussion.

Dates according to Homepage and / or Newsletter.

For IGFT members are all infoworkshops free of charge, non-members pay 50,- EUR for event.


Share & Care

In the „Share & Care“ series, the Austrian Association of Independent Performing Arts (IGFT) invites artists from the field of performing arts to exchange and discuss their ideas in order to benefit from each other’s experience.
Format: We offer time so that they can present their experiences individually. Afterwards there is also a room for discussion. The IGFT moderates this evening, makes a documentation and collects inputs. The outcome of the evening leads to further steps and work tasks.

The „Share & Care“ series is free of charge also for non-members.