Tanz Company Gervasi (IT): Spring/Summer Workshop-Auditions in Italy


Deadlines Application for 1) Workshop-Audition March-April: FEBRUARY 15, 2020

Please note: You will be informed, if your application is accepted by February 17, 2020.

Deadlines Application for 2) + 3) Workshop-Audition June-July: APRIL 30, 2020

Please note: You will be informed, if your application is accepted by May 3, 2020

Tanz Company Gervasi (Vienna) is hosting 3 workshop-auditions for professional dancers in beautiful old town called Barbarano Romano (near Rome, Italy) in spring and summer 2020.


(research laboratory/improvisation/choreography), max. 15 dancers/per workshop-audition. The participation in the workshop is free* and only with registration.

Tanz Company Gervasi is looking for dancers (M/F) with a technical background and with experience in improvisation for the new production in winter 2020 in Vienna (period October/November). In the last 2 Workshops, 4 Dancers were chosen for the new production.

Hard Facts:

1) Workshop-Audition: March 30 – April 11, 2020, 9.30am – 6pm

2) Workshop-Audition, from June 9 - 20, 2020, from 9.30am to 6.00pm

3) Workshop-Audition, from June 24 - July 4, 2020, from 9.30am to 6.00pm

ATTENTION! the conditions are the same for all workshops-auditions.

WHERE: Barbarano Romano; Viterbo region (IT)


1 Workshop-Audition: Possible arrival dates on March 28 or 29 in Barbarano Romano, 2020 (On Sunday 29: there there will be an archaeological excursion to Etruscan sites from 10:00-14:00 (for those who want, for free.)

2 Workshop-Audition: Arrival on June 8, 2020

3 Workshop-Audition: Arrival on June 23, 2020

About the workshop:

The workshop proposes different forms of research based on various dance vocabularies und improvisation methods. The dancers will study how to bring in and develop their own vocabulary and individual style.

After the warm up (based mainly on floor work) we will start with the movement research by reducing conservative patterns.

We will continue by focusing on specific themes such as space, gravity, collision, and other topics that will be proposed during our DAILY JOURNEY. We will apply these ideas firstly to solo dance material and follow this with group work, which will focus on different formations (duo, trio and larger groups). Here we will also work with contact improvisation and partnering.

Continuing, we will combine the previously created material and feed it with new information, adding something more each time in the so-called “choreographic engine”. Through this application and the distribution of a number of fixed set movements, we will compose and generate new choreographic aspects and images.

The workshop will end with a public showing.

Application: Email to

CV (short version) with a photo

max. 1 min video with a solo work or improvisation

(a simple self-made smartphone video is enough. We prefer to get the video via link: weTransfer, youtube or vimeo; moving, not just posing; NO group choreography accepted.)

The workshop is only for applicants with invitation and work permits for Europe.

Please only apply if you are available for the whole period.

*Additional costs:

Accommodation (double bedrooms in shared apartments for up to 4 people, with spacious kitchens): Accommodation € 270  (for 13 nights) per person for the whole period (Fyi: Daily life in Barbarano Romano is very affordable).

The workshop itself is free.

We can’t offer salary or per diems. Travel costs, travel organisation and other expenses are not covered.

More detailed information after the invitation.

For further information about Tanz Company Gervasi visit:




VIMEO:  (Tanz Company Gervasi)

Photo: Tanz Company Gervasi

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