(NL) Dutch Culture: Fair International Cultural Cooperation – Climate Change

Friday 6.12.2019, 11:00-17:00, Amsterdam
The visitor's programme: 4.-6.12.2019.

International cultural workers who are actively invested in fair international cultural cooperation, are called upon to apply for the gathering on December 6.

Fair International Cultural Cooperation - Climate Change is a gathering that will take place on December 6 in Amsterdam. International cultural directors, artists, thinkers, scientists, critics, policymakers and funders with a focus on climate issues and who are actively invested in the topic of fair international cultural cooperation will gather to discuss whether and how international cooperation can be organised in a way that is fair to the climate.

The discussion will be supported by a keynote speaker and additional reading concerning Fair International Cultural Cooperation - Climate. The goal of this gathering is to identify, on a cross-disciplinary basis, current conventions and best practices. See for further exploration of the theme below.

The applications via the open call have been closed. In case you are interested in attending the gathering please contact Julia Groen via

Exploration of the theme 2019: Climate change
Travel is the most essential material condition of international activities by the arts. It involves works of art, artists or intermediaries and visitors, each contributing to, among others, extra CO2 emissions. Successfully stimulating international activities abroad is therefore directly linked with ramifications in terms of climate change. And since limitless growth of travel in a finite context of the climate is not feasible, it seems to be inescapable for international cultural actors to make the climate a core consideration for sustainable activities.

International visitors programme
The international visitors programme aims to stimulate international cultural cooperation between the Dutch cultural sector and cultural organisations abroad, both by facilitating knowledge exchange and encouraging partnerships or joint projects. The visitors programme is a tailor-made activity plan, which consists of two days of meetings with several Dutch cultural institutions and the gathering on Fair International Cultural Cooperation on the third day. The programme will be designed for you to meet interesting and valuable potential partners and artist from the Dutch field, as well as to make you more acquainted with the Dutch cultural infrastructure, specifically in the theme of climate change.

The visitor's programme will take place 4th, 5th and 6th of December 2019.

For more details visit:

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