(HRV) Zagreb: Open Call – 20th International Naj, Naj, Naj Festival

26. Februar – 01. März 2020

Application Deadline: 20. September 2019
No puppet Performances.
No Workshops
One Performance per Theatre

The City Theatre Žar Ptica invites all professional children theatres to submit their applications for the 20th International Naj, Naj, Naj Festival, taking place in Zagreb, Croatia from 26 February to 1 March 2020. Puppet performances cannot participate in the Festival.

The 20th Naj, naj, naj Festival will be special for its humanitarian character. Celebrating its twentieth anniversary, this theatrical event for children will be confirming its international reputation and importance, and thus call public attention to the growing problem of bullying among children and help institutions working with children to fight and prevent peer violence.

The selection of the Naj, Naj, Naj Festival is focused on the drama performance suitable for performing indoors.

Workshops will not be considered. Each theatre may apply with only one performance. Preferably, the performances should meet the technical conditions of the stage at the City Theatre Žar ptica. They can be viewed here.

How to apply

Apart from the completed Application form, all participants should send the following:

- a DVD recording of the performance (sent in a package or link to a video recording of the entire performance),
- 4 photographs (in high resolution), and
- a short summary of the performance with an obligatory summary in English if the performance is in a foreign language.

Performance selection

The main criterion for the selection is the artistic value. The selector, appointed by the Artistic director of the Naj, Naj, Naj Festival, decides on the official programme of the Festival. 

The results of the selection shall be announced at on 1 November 2019 at the latest.


Naj, Naj, Naj Festival is a contest of non-puppet performances judged by an expert jury constituted of renowned theatrical artists and critics. The best performances are awarded the Golden Fire Birds (Žar ptica) in seven categories.

What is provided by the Naj, Naj, Naj Festival

The Naj, Naj, Naj Festival provides accommodation and meals for all participants, the fee for the performance and technical support.

Travelling costs are covered by each participating theatre.

Applications must be received at the following address by 20 September 2019 at the latest:

Gradsko kazalište Žar ptica
20. Naj, Naj, Naj Festival
Bijenička 97
10000 Zagreb

You can also send them via e-mail at

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