DANZAAR – International Dance Auditions Festival

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When: 6th to 8th March 2020
Where: DanceWorks.berlin studios, Berlin, Germany (Studios are from 100 to 200 m2) See Studios

DANZAAR – International Dance Auditions Festival is a new festival dedicated to auditions for top Contemporary dance and Ballet Companies. Dance Companies from around the world are invited to hold their own auditions within the festival’s 3 days, giving them the opportunity to see multiple professional dancers and find the best candidate for their company.
The main event will be held in Berlin and over the festival the dancers will also have access to related workshops and professional development opportunities.
For companies the festival in a unique opportunity to expand your search, and be introduced to interested international dancers who may not otherwise be able to attend your audition.
For professional dancers it is an opportunity to travel just to one city and attend several auditions, giving them also the chance to cut costs in travels and gather with international colleagues.

In DANZAAR each company will have their OWN PRIVATE AUDITION in a day or during the 3 days festival.

What kind of auditions:

The festival will timetable several auditions in different dance studios all within one venue. Auditions will be organized by the individual dance companies depending on the type of dancer they want to hire and how they wish to hold the audition process.

The festival is for auditions of dance companies that offer dancers a role or contract in a dance company or choreographic project.

Auditions can be:

    Open auditions,

    or Auditions by application.

    Group auditions with cuts throughout

    Or timeslot auditions