professional min. fee

PROFESSIONAL FEE - MINIMAL LIMIT: The Austrian Association of Independent Theatre recommends, for project funding for performing arts at the city of Vienna to calculate a minimal professional fee limit (to avoid social dumping) from the submission date 15.2.2020.

This was developed jointly by artists from the "Wiener Perspektive" and the freie theater in an open, two-year process.
It should be used in productions of the performing arts that are funded by public funds (the City of Vienna).

The recommendation lies actually onn € 165 gross-gross per day and for 8 hours of rehearsal- or working-time. It should apply to all those involved in the artistic teams and to both self-employed and employed.
¬ Als Vorstellungsentgelt wird empfohlen: Für die ersten 2 Vorstellungen mind. € 350, ab der 3. Vorstellung min. € 200 (jeweils pro Vorstellung).

The Austrian Association of Independent Theatres is offering a Service-Calculationmodel zur Verfügung, welches aus 7 Blättern besteht: Infos / Ausfüllhilfe / Bruttorechner / Personal Künstlerisch / Personal Verwaltung / Sachaufwand / Einnahmen-Ausgaben Übersicht.
We ask for feedback and comments on the tool, as we are constantly developing it further and would like to include your practical experience. Thank you!

Download: Kalkulationstool_vers.2.5

Aktuelle Änderungen: Version 2

 – Personal Selbstständig und Personal Angestellt wurde in ein Blatt zusammengefasst

 – Neues Layout

 – Proben/Vorbereitung und Vorstellung wurden in der  Zeile getrennt und sind jetzt untereinander angeordnet zur besseren Übersichtlichkeit

 – Bruttorechner als Orientierungshilfe um Dienstgeberkosten bei Anstellungen in einen monatlichen Bruttolohn umrechen zu können

 Attention: This calculation model does NOT replace the calculation form of the City of Vienna - cultural department! However, we recommend enclosing the completed service calculation model with the application from the City of Vienna / Cultural Department, as this tool contains important budgetary information for the theater jury.